CUK Celebrates 167th Anniversary
CUK Celebrates 167th Anniversary
  • Kim Ji-yun
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Won Jong-cheol, president of the Catholic University of Korea, speaks during the Mass.
▲ Won Jong-cheol, president of the Catholic University of Korea, speaks during the Mass.


 The Mass in celebration of the 167th anniversary of the opening of Catholic University of Korea’s was held on Thursday, May 26 at the Grand Auditorium, commonly known as the “Concert Hall”. The Mass was attended by students, professors, faculty members, and Catholic University of Korea(CUK) ambassador CAHONG.


 At the Mass, Won Jong-cheol, president of the CUK, said, "We have not been able to carry out the mass due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but I'm glad to be with you all in two years," and, "Thank God for taking care of CUK for 167 years and I hope it will be a time to pray for the development of CUK."


 In addition to the Mass, CUK presented a lecture excellence award, research excellence award, and a thesis guidance merit award, along with a new teacher appointment ceremony. In addition, a presentation ceremony for scholarship certificates for Global Explorer Program was held, and the students who received scholarships presented their travel journals. Also, there were vocal and violin performances of the music department professors singled out for special praise.


 For those who attended the Mass on the same day, Cardinal Yeom Soo-jung selected Grip Talk which is an accessory that is attached to the back of a cell phone with Bible verses and organizers distributed rice cakes to commemorate the opening of the school. In addition, in celebration of the opening of the school, an event was held to provide free lunches for faculty members and students, including those who didn't attend the Mass. Also, Students attending Mass were given credit for attending class.


 One student responded "I do not have a religion, but I attended the mass to commemorate the opening of the school with a school spirit, and it was more fun and meaningful than I thought because it featured various things such as a violin performance and vocal performances.”

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