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▲The plainsong ceremonies of the event
▲The plainsong ceremonies of the event

On May 3, 2022, the Catholic University held an event commemorating the new construction of the Andrea Hall. The event was held through various processes, from prayer to congratulatory songs to closing ceremonies. Especially on this day, special guests such as the archbishop and cardinal were present.


 The Andrea Hall is a new dormitory for students. Unlike the Stefano dormitory, which consists of a two-person room, a three-person room, and a four-person room, all rooms consist of double rooms, and there is a wall in the room so that students can feel the same as using a single room. The Andrea Hall has two basement floors to 10 floors above ground, accommodating a total of 238 rooms for 476 students, and has various convenience facilities such as seminar rooms, communal laundry rooms, and restrooms by floor. With the completion of the Catholic University's Andrea Hall, 1,159 existing dormitories will provide a comfortable living environment for a total of 1,635 students.


 According to an interview with Ahn Chae-young (21), the 38th generation of CUK ambassador CAHONG, she thanked the people who helped the Andrea Hall celebration and worked hard to build it and hoped that students would live in a new dormitory and have a fun school life. According to an interview with Kim(20), a major in chemistry, who is living in the Stefano dormitory, "I am interested in the piano in the lobby of New dormitory and expected the double room seemed like a single room.


▲The menu of special lunch
▲The menu of special lunch

 The day's celebration ceremony offered special lunch to students and faculty. The menu includes mushroom bulgogi, seaweed soup, seasoned vegetables, exotic vegetables, cup fruits, kimchi, rice, and green salad. Students could have a special lunch at the student cafeteria on the second floor of the Sophie Ibarra Hall. The student's responses were very good, and the taste of the lunch was perfect.


 CUF welcomes the new dormitory and hopes that students will have fun and energetic school days as they use it in the future.


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