“Finding My Self Workshop” for Fresher at CUK
“Finding My Self Workshop” for Fresher at CUK
  • Kim Young-jun
  • 승인 2022.04.30 12:37
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▲ CUK president Won Jong-chul speaking at the workshop
▲ CUK president Won Jong-chul speaking at the workshop


 From March 28 to April 6, CUK held a "Finding My Self Workshop" in the CUK conference hall for students enrolled in various /departments of liberal studies (DLS) to help them find their future majors by consulting with major professors.


 This workshop had three stages. First, students found out what their strengths were based on the results of the preliminary CST (Character Strengths Test). The CST is the test in which a participant can find their strengths such as wisdom, courage, justice, self-control, and so on. Second, they looked at how they would utilize those strengths through the test. Third, students could consult with professors representing various majors. 


 This workshop isn't just about finding their strengths and thinking about their major. Through this workshop, students could meet other students to gain a sense of belonging to the school. In addition, the workshop offered a chance for students to consult with selected professors, which is very useful for students. A DLS student said, "It was best to be able to get close to friends I met for the first time through this workshop. It was best to find my strengths and know what I should be careful about."


 The conference helped students match thier aptitudes with particular majors. For examples, DLS students which are interested in the major of Clothing & Textiles can consult thier futures with the major's professors on April 6. In interviews with the liberal studies students who conducted the workshop, the students answered commonly, "I do not know what major I will be in yet, so I wanted to comprehend through this workshop and it was impressive that I looked for my strengths." 


CUK hope that this workshop will help students find their major properly. CUF also supports undecided students searching for appropriate majors.


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