To Find Myself: CUK Declaration of Independence
To Find Myself: CUK Declaration of Independence
  • Kim Hyung-eun
  • 승인 2022.04.28 21:51
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A scene from “Cuk Declaration of Independence”(source = CUF)
A scene from “Cuk Declaration of Independence”(source = CUF)

 On April 8, the Institute of Anthropology of CUK held "Cuk Declaration of Independence," a talk concert for students at Kim Soo-hwan Hall. The lecturer was Kwon Hong-il, who works as a PD for Save the Children, an international child rights NGO. He majored in cultural contents and psychology at CUK. Based on his experience, he talked to students about "How to find my career path.” 

 The speaker mentioned what activities and efforts he made to find a career path. He suggested that students draw a 'mind map' to establish their career path. Most people say that when they think about their career path, they only talk about one or two topics about what they like and what they want to do. 

 He recommended continuing to explore career sites, rather than simply distinguishing what is good or bad when looking for a career path. If you search career sites, find what you really like, and reflect it on your mind map, you can search more deeply for a career, he advised.  

 He said that if he found a job he wanted to do, he would plan in detail what career he could build. It is like making time to plan what kind of external activities you need to do to get a job in the industry you want, and what experiences you need for such external activities. He instructed his students to plan meticulously. 

 If the first plan does not work, you should plan in detail so that the second plan can be implemented. He said that he was always able to do many activities because he applied for the activities of the second plan immediately, even if he did hadn’t already applied for other activities. 

 Through his lecture, students had time to listen to more specific advice on career establishment and think about their careers more deeply. For the future of Catholic University students, school institutions like the Anthropology Institute of CUK will make great efforts. Of course, CUF will also try to convey more information to establish the career paths of Catholic University students. 

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