By the people, for the people
By the people, for the people
  • Park Se-hee
  • 승인 2022.03.28 11:56
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▲ The scene of an apartment collapse in Gwangju (source = hankyung)
▲ The scene of an apartment collapse in Gwangju (source = hankyung)

 In June 2021, there was also a demolition collapse that caused 17 casualties. Then, in January, an unfortunate building collapse occurred in Gwangju again. Two buildings built by the same contractor collapsed and caused casualties at a seven-month interval. Self-interest that puts individual or organizational interests before safety has caused massive accidents. People should not forget that the collapse of Seongsu Bridge in 1994, the collapse of Sam- pung Department Store in 1995, and the recent collapse were all man-made disasters. Buildings are built for people. In particular, the house should be a space where you can pro- tect your body from the outside and rest comfortably.

 The top priority for builders is those who will use the building. Such thoughts will prevent repeated errors, acci- dents, and innocent victims. Above all, the state and the peo- ple should continue to pay close attention so that those involved in the construction process should be alert.

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