The Craze for Home-Fitness in Korea
The Craze for Home-Fitness in Korea
  • Jang Na-eun
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Source: UnitedHealthCare
Source: UnitedHealthCare

 In Korea, "Home-Fitness" trend, 홈트(Home+training) is getting more popular People who have been training their bodies and minds by sweating in public sports facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, soccer fields and baseball stadiums changed their exercising place to their homes. 

 According to the research result conducted by market research firm MACROMILL EMBRAIN in 2020, 92.3% of adults in Korea said they are currently exercising. When asked about the place where they exercise, 44.5% said they exercise at home. Especially, 92.2% of the survey respondents said they had experience in Home Fitness within the past three years. Also, among them, 67.8% answered that they are still doing Home Fitness. 

 The number of people who purchase new Home-Fitness equipment has also increased. CJ Logistics recently published "Daily Life Report PLUS" analyzed a total of 48,000 pieces of product data from last year and March to this year. According to this report, treadmills that help aerobic exercise increased 266% during this period, while steppers, a stair-step exercise mechanism, increased 162%. The number of dumbbell and hula hoop increased by 140% and 60%.

 The biggest influence on the recent popularity of the home training industry is Covid-19. As the gyms shut down due to Covid-19, and the number of people going out decreased, people naturally started exercising at home. ”As soon as I turned 20 in 2020, I started exercising at the fitness center, but the center was closed and going out itself became difficult. So, I subscribe to a YouTube channel that teaches home-fitness. I made my exercise routine with a few videos and exercise until now," said Park Shin-young, a sophomore of Gachon University.    

 The biggest advantage of Home-Fitness is cost saving. Unlike fitness center where people have to pay money, people can do most of effective bare-body exercises only with mats and sportswear. Also, people can buy a treadmill with money to spend at the fitness center if they need full-fledged aerobic exercise. Another advantage is that there is no need to worry about hygiene problems. As people are getting sensitive with hygiene due to the Covid-19, they prefer home fitness. Introduce what is to come below. 

 However, people should be careful about themselves because there is no professional coach at home. Most of all, people should always check whether they do correct posture. Because the wrong posture is rather dangerous. Recently, there are many YouTube channels or PT(Personal Training) applications that teach home-fitness. "Thank you BUBU" is a good channel for beginners to start exercising as it teaches various easy levels of posture. "Physical Gallery" is a useful channel that provides information on not only exercise posture, but also knowledge to prevent pain when exercising. 

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

 The online PT application, DANO offers various home-fitness videos and 1:1 online coaching service. Coaches confirm the meal or concerns that users posted on their board and advice about them on next day. QUAT is another online PT APP offers various exercise programs such as Yoga, Pilates, and muscle training. 

 Second, people should accurately check their condition after exercising and set the amount of exercise that suits on them. Excessive exercise from the beginning not only causes severe muscle pain, but it also hinders the formation of steady exercise habits. it is desirable to gradually increase the amount of exercise while watching their condition. Finally, people are more likely to give up exercising quickly since there is no coach watching them. People able to continue exercising steadily by having an exercise battle with their friends or family or asking for light surveillance when they feel their will weakens.  

 The most positive change that the Home-Fitness trend has brought is change on public perceptions of exercise and diet. For example, in the past, most people thought a skinny body as ideal and worked out excessively for weight loss. Short term excessive diet harms both physical and mental health because it causes yo-yo syndrome. However, as the trend of home-fitness spread a lot of correct information about exercise and dieting, many people naturally reached their target weight as they exercised for their health. Skinny people also do muscle exercises to become stronger. Exercise is now a must for health, not just for weight loss.

 The Home-Fitness industry will develop both quantitatively and qualitatively. Global View Research predicts that the global fitness app market will nearly quadruple from $2.4 billion in 2018 to $20.9 billion in 2026. Home-fitness would be good for people who want to be healthier without spending a lot of money and time. There are many reasons and benefits to exercise, but there is no reason not to exercise. If you were a person who felt like exercise was far away, it would be a good idea to start exercising lightly while watching a simple YouTube home-fitness video. 

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