Reporter Hong Joo-hwan Gives Special Lecture
Reporter Hong Joo-hwan Gives Special Lecture
  • Son Go-eun
  • 승인 2021.11.23 01:45
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▲ Reporter Hong Joo-hwan is giving a lecture in N210 (source= the FORUM)
▲ Reporter Hong Joo-hwan is giving a lecture in N210 (source= the FORUM)

On Monday, November 15, a special lecture was held in N210 by the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) News. The special lecture was given by Hong Joo-hwan, a reporter at the Korea Exploration Journalism Center, under the theme of "The direction of survival between university and established media is not different at all." This special lecture was followed by a Q&A session.

The introduction dealt with the personal history of reporter Hong Joo-hwan. The main topic consisted of two themes. The first theme concerned stereotypes of media roles. Reporters should focus on what they want to be remembered as, not to just be fact-tellers but to create their own themes.

The second theme  covered the role of CUK news. Comparing established media and university media, this content explained that CUK News need to deal with issues about universities. The Q&A focused on solving the concerns of students belonging to the school media: whether the school media should deal with issues outside the school or write only articles favorable to the school.

Reporter Hong Joo-hwan concluded the special lecture emphasizing that the media should also have a recognizable character. In order to create the character of one's article, one must track and report through one’s interest in the topic, and that leads to "change."

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