Diplomacy Between Korea with Japan in the Biden Era
Diplomacy Between Korea with Japan in the Biden Era
  • Lee Min-Hyeong, Sim Ye-eun
  • 승인 2021.11.22 22:03
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▲A moderator who was marking the beginning of the International Studies Forum (source=CUF)
▲A moderator who was marking the beginning of the International Studies Forum (source=CUF)


The 13th International Studies Forum for university students was held on Zoom and YouTube from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on November 14. This forum was organized to raise interest in international studies among university students hosted by the International Studies Department of CUK. Four teams of university students participated in this forum titled “The Biden Era and the Future of Korea-Japan Relations.”

Session 1 was about trade policy and Japan-South Korea relations under the Biden administration. First, Kyung Hee University's Kim Seung-ah team announced the “Biden administration's trade policy and the Korea-U.S.-Japan alliance”. Considering the Biden administration's foreign policy, she argued that Korea should improve its relationship with Japan through diplomacy and pursue neutral diplomacy between China and the U.S., in accordance with the situation. Next, Song Chae-rim of Sookmyung Women's University announced the “Rise and Validity of the Korea-U.S.-Japan Environmental Trade Agreement.” 

Session 2 was about “Japan-South Korea relations and the San Francisco system.” The two teams announced “the role and measures of public diplomacy to improve Japan-South Korea relations.” Under the theme of "The Impact of the ‘Korean Wave’ on Public Diplomacy with Japan," Cha Ah-young, a team member from CUK, said, "Korea's public diplomacy and the Korean wave should be linked to public diplomacy to capture the hearts and minds of young Japanese people and talk about friendly relations." Kim Hyun-min's team at the Catholic University had chosen the theme ‘Plans to improve Korea-Japan relations through public diplomacy.’ He stressed that “Japan's postwar public diplomacy and Korea's public diplomacy strategy should be considered and a new strategy should be developed to overcome nationalism." 

In the awards portion of the forum, Song Chae-rim of Sookmyung Women's University won the top prize and Kim Hyun-min of CUK won the third prize. Song Chae-rim's team said, "It was good to have the opportunity to explore and write on these topics, and I'll make up for the shortcomings of my presentation and thesis and develop them further." Kim Hyun-min, the presenter, said, "I got the good opportunity from the International Studies Forum, and thanks to the meaningful questions, I was able to grow intellectually."

The International Studies Forum has held 13 forums before this year’s forum, and it was a good opportunity for university students who are interested in international studies to further their intellectual development through logical and systematic research.

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