[Editor's Letter] Autumn is a Second Spring when every Leaf is a Flower.
[Editor's Letter] Autumn is a Second Spring when every Leaf is a Flower.
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 Thank you for opening our 176th magazine and reading this letter. We are especially glad to meet you again because all of students spent the vacation in the serious pandemic and strengthen quarantine rule. Although, there were many restrictions on our activities, we hope you had spent your own precious time. 

 In this 176th magazine, CUF introduces the situation of domestic, foreign and CUK which are struggling to overcome the pandemic and get back our daily lives. There are interview with DA:HAM (CUK student council), articles about vaccine issues and bubble quarantine. We hope that you can think about how to live this COVID-19 era wisely through these articles. 

 We also covered topics about history and discrimination. Photo essay about Myanmar's struggling for democracy gives an opportunity to show interest, support for Myanmar, and think about the past and present of Korean democracy. And the article about controversy on Anti- Discrimination Law introduces an agenda that our generation has to think about together to recognize and improve hatred or discrimination in our life. In addition to these in-depth articles, there are interesting articles such as introduction of restaurants nearby CUK, movie reviews, and Newtro fashion trends. they will be useful to cultural and daily lives of readers.

 Vaccination reservations for people aged 18-49 have begun and vaccination is being implemented at last. Although, we still have to be careful about variables that threaten our health, CUF hope that vaccination could help students be freer from virus and enjoy school life. Thank you for joining this magazine for your start of new semester. Also, we would like to say thank you in advance for reading this magazine till the end. CUF will always try to repay your attention with more quality and interesting articles. 


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

 As Albert Camus said, autumn is a good season to start anew like spring. I hope CUK students can spend the second semester happily with autumn.


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