Meeting with Student Council, DA:HAM
Meeting with Student Council, DA:HAM
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"Student council is a very good tool which needs to be repaired by the students. Time really flies, to use this precious time with no regret, we will move more productively proving our significance as an excellent tool."
-Kim Chan-woo, vice president of CUK student council


 While the students leave school for vacation, there are people who have been busy preparing the 2nd semester of CUK. That is the Student Council, <DA:HAM>, which has been running hard since their election of last winter. At the end of July, CUF interviewed with President, Jang Han-sol and Vice President, Kim Chan-woo of <DA:HAM>, with the theme, "Summary of 1st semester, Preview of the 2nd semester."


source: CUF
source: CUF


Q. How did <DA:HAM> spend the 1st semester?

As CUK students know, the bond between students weakened because the various school activities were decreased. Our biggest goal of a year is Closing the gap between students and creating a bond. To close the gap between students, we prepared various online events in advance and implemented. In addition, we have been communicating with the school about the way of class operation to guarantee students’ right to study safely.

Q. What was the most memorable schedule of the 1st semester for <DA:HAM>?
Kim: The signature campaign on class operating system, in which an extraordinary number of CUK students participated. I think it is a good example shows democratic legitimacy and student autonomy in the university. At first, 1,200 students signed. However, at a meeting with vice president of school, the school rejected as saying that the number is not big. Although, the most important thing we thought was the fact that students want safer operation way, not just a matter of numbers, we carried out the signing campaign more actively again. Eventually, we could convey the sign of 3555 students to school. I thought it was an opportunity to disprove the opinion that individualism in our school was severe. Also, I realized that if we move hard for other projects like this case, we will be able to attract enough attention from students.

source: CUK student council, DA:HAM
source: CUK student council, DA:HAM

Jang: When I worked as the member of the student council in the Department of Public Administration, I thought the student organization, which communicates actively with the school and achieve what students wanted. However, I realized that the necessary results do not come out easily as expected. However, we could not give up thanks to the anger of students, and belief that the owner of the school is a student. The class operation way was the most meaningful and heavy topic in the first semester, but it was an opportunity for students and the student council feel bond, trust in each other. 

Q. Were there any difficulties in the 1st semester?
Kim: There have been difficulties in the administrative process because the procedures and lan guages that students and schools use are different. School often rejected or pointed out on docu ments, data that we prepared. Sometimes, we should solve the problem through direct contact with the person who can prove our materials at the meeting where both sides gathered.
Jang: Response to our ask for detailed guideline in the case of a Covid-19 outbreak on campus, School said, "We are already following the rule of health center. No further guidance is needed." Therefore, we are asking for a designation of minimum period for online classes after the outbreak of confirmed cases, especially for commuters who are inconvenienced if the notice about confirmed case is delayed. Communication problem with school would not be solved at once. However, Covid-19 topic is directly related to the student safe ty. We will keep trying to communicate successfully without getting tired.

Q. Was there an impressive business that made you feel achievement during a semester?
Jang: It was an online orientation for fresher, CUKFLIX, that was beginning of the process of strengthening solidarity. I thought that the level of interest on the first project would be an important indicator in the next business composition, so I prepared carefully to draw a lot of attention. Also, it was. the starting point that I thought about which contents will be good to communicate with CUK students. I sincerely thank you for students' attention. It made me work as keeping in mind the fact that many students are watching us.

source: CUK student council, DA:HAM
source: CUK student council, DA:HAM

Kim: It was an alliance with Job Planet. We tried to instill a sense of crisis in school about the employment rate of 50 to 60 percent and refine the employment support system. Other universities had well organized networks for employment, as setting up and operating career development centers separately. When we proposed an alliance with Job Planet first, the school rejected as questioning about its effectiveness, claiming a budget shortage. Response to this rejection, I asked again if school can run another effective employment support platform by collecting massive data directly with lower investment costs. School could not offer definite answer to our question and accepted our proposal positively. I could feel a fulfilment by achieving this business that can help students greatly.

Q. Could you keep the promise that you said in acceptance speech during a semester?

Jang: First, we felt sorry that we have not been clearly brought about the issues of education rights and class operation way. We were very confident in the early days of our election, but we realized that the way school and students want ed is very different each other. However, we could know what is the point that we have to focus and response. Using the first semester as a steppingstone, we are preparing 2nd semester to satisfy both students and us.

"We cannot do anything for students unless our existence is known."

source: CUK student council, DA:HAM
source: CUK student council, DA:HAM

To communicate with students more actively, <DA:HAM> opened various communication channels to make students can call us anytime, anywhere. After making those channels, we got a 24/7 call from students, because we have no open or closing time. It made we think it would be a difficult year at first. However, 24/7 calls from students also show that we will be able to achieve the value of communication and solidarity that we hoped. We are also trying to promote exchanges with col- leges and departments through the process of communicating, reflecting feedback on certain issues.

Q. Could you tell me about the class operation way of the 2nd semester?
Jang: In 2nd semester, school will implement the mixed operation way of on-line, off-line as well as 1st semester and add restriction on the use of Excused Absence for Covid-19(4). Therefore, we are asking schools to give students two days off after vaccination, which is only given to staff currently.
Kim: School also had given the professor autonomy on class operation, but the right for students to be educated safely is also important. The Ministry of Education. announced that school to communicate with students and set policies reflecting their opinions. We are asking school to organize manuals in case of confirmed hearing the voice of students.

Q. Is there any discussion about the festival or schedule of 2nd semester?
Jang: We postponed the AUREUM festival (putting together festival). Now, we are discussing on the schedule with the school. One of the ideas we shared internally is to prepare content to enjoy "separately and together," such as distance keeping using car theaters or hula hoops that did at Begin Again. We are planning to students can exchange actively even with restriction through festival. Kim: We also looking for how the case of another universities. In addition, we are planning the various YouTube content or monthly events to bring down the walls between the school and student council. 

Q. What is the driving force for the management of <DA:HAM>?
Kim: In my case, I have not felt mental hardship on work, because it is my responsibility. All areas and organizations that we communicate with have different problems that need to be solved. I should not ignore even one thing of them just because it is hard for me. It may seem like madness, but I am truly having fun and proud when I solve our tasks. Also, the fact that we are an organization consisted with democratic legitimacy gives the obvious power to me.
Jang: I feel fulfilment when I clear task too. Also, the fact that how we spend a year can affect to juniors who will stay school and give them the power to pursue the future make me drive. In addition, the student council is encouraged when students feel our necessity or give feedback with interest and support.


"We know all of students spent hard time and did a good job-during a semester. To make students can feel better than 1st semester, we will do our best. Please look forward to us. I will try to expand my umbrella for you, come inside here from the rain. Let's spend the rest of 2021 sharing warmth together."
- Jang Han-sol, president of CUK student council


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