Mobility Sharing Services are Ruining the Road
Mobility Sharing Services are Ruining the Road
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▲Sharing mobility services parked in front of main entrance of CUK (source=CUF)
▲Sharing mobility services parked in front of main entrance of CUK (source=CUF)

  “I use sharing mobility services a lot when I go to places that are too far away to walk or where buses or taxis can not go easily.” Shin Young Jun (Hanyang University Erika campus, 21) who uses this service a lot said. Like this, these days people can see a lot of people are using sharing services such as Kakao T bikes and XingXing electric kickboards on the streets. This mobility sharing service is widely used because it is convenient for people. However, wrong use of users are causing problems with sharing services, which ruin the order of road. 

  Mobility sharing service refers to a service that shares mobility with multiple users, such as a bicycle or electric kickboard. This service is a type of shared economy based on the way people share products or services. A typical example of this service is Lime (라임). It is also called Uber (우버) in the mobility-sharing service industry and is currently the most frequently used service by charter companies.

▲	Increasing of mobility-sharing services analyst from IGIWorks (source= m.etnews)
▲ Increasing of mobility-sharing services analyst from IGIWorks (source= m.etnews)

  The use of mobility-sharing services is increasing. According to a survey released by mobile analyst firm IGIWorks, the usage rate of domestic shared kickboard services such as Lime and XingXing Kickboard has increased sixfold. Above all Lime, which provides a world-class shared kickboard service, said it has accumulated 4.12 million use cases in one year since it entered Korea in 2019. It also said the total mileage used was 5.45 million kilometers. This distance is 136 revolutions around the earth. 

  Sharing mobility services has advantages in terms of environmental protection and cost saving. Lime published environment report in this regard. Lime has reduced the total use of more than 123,600 liters of gasoline by replacing the personal vehicle mileage of about 1,334,400 kilometers during the year since Lime entered the South Korea. This resulted in a total reduction of more than 290 tons of carbon dioxide (Co2). This shows that using sharing mobility services is beneficial to the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

  The advantage of sharing kickboards is that they are cheaper than other transportation. The existing transportation fare is between 1,300 won and 4,500 won. Comparing the price of a sharing kickboard with that, it is cheaper because the sharing kickboard has a basic price of 1,000 won. In fact, Shin Young Jun said that sharing kickboards are cheap, therefore using sharing kickboards can save transportation costs. 

  However, there are also problems with using this service. One of them is a problem due to unauthorized parking. According to the announcement of Jongno-gu (종로) Office in Seoul in May 2020, complaints of inconvenience caused by unauthorized parking sharing kickboards were filed every other day. In addition, according to the Jeollabuk-do (전북) Provincial Daily, people are suffering from Kakao T bikes that are not properly parked. This shows that the problem caused by unauthorized parking is serious. Therefore, it can be seen that people are experiencing inconvenience due to the wrong use of some users.

  Poor unlicensed registration procedures are also a problem. People must register license of drivers to use the electric kickboard service. Many companies are using pre-certification and verification methods in this regard. Therefore, users who use this to falsely raise their license information are using electric kickboards. It is against the law to drive a driver who does not have a license, there should be a solution to it.

  Not only the registration problem but also the safety problem is emerging. The 2020 statistics of Fair Trades Commission show a 135% increase in accidents related to electric kickboards from 2019. Among the total accidents, driving accidents account for 64.2%. Especially at crosswalks, Accidents occur between users of electric kickboards and pedestrians. Under the Road Traffic Act, electric kickboards are classified as cars, therefore users have to get off the kickboard and drag them, however accidents are occurring due to some users who fail to keep them. 
  CUF introduce rules for use of XingXing kickboard which use by CUK students in campus.

How to Use the XingXing Kickboard
▲ (source=CUF)
▲ (source=CUF)

1. Please park in a safe place for the next user.

2. Please check again to see if there is any inconvenience in traffic.
3. Press the return button to complete the return.
4. Please check the fare and the returned area.

  Various measures are coming up to overcome these shortcomings. In the case of G-Cutter (G 쿠터), which run a sharing mobility service, the company has proposed a 300 won discount on usage fees if it parks properly. In addition, each sharing mobility service company guides usage rules and safety rules through the app. Through this way, service companies are trying to make the right use.

  There have been voices calling for solutions not only at the corporate level but also at the national level to prevent the closure of transportation sharing services. In response, the government announced a new law that will be applied to transportation sharing services starting in May. The law says that driving licences are essential for using electric sharing kickboards. In addition, electric kickboards are only available on bicycle lanes. 

  By using sharing mobility services, lives of people would be more comfortable than ever. However, some misusing people may turn the tools that make our lives easier into tools that interfere with our livelihood. Although service companies have come up with a number of solutions, users are also responsible for the use of services. Therefore, people need to use shared mobility correctly by adhering to the correct usage rules. CUF hopes CUK students will use sharing mobility correctly.


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