Useful Tips for Writing a Business E-mail
Useful Tips for Writing a Business E-mail
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▲ “GEP-Business English Writing Class “ (source=CUF)
▲ “GEP-Business English Writing Class “ (source=CUF)

 A special lecture “GEP (Global Explorer Project)- Business English Writing Class” was given on May 26, through Zoom by Joanne Park, a lecturer in SiwonSchool Lab (시원스쿨), and the author of the book “Real Business English.”

 The lecture had contents about the basic structure of E-mail writing, how to write emails clearly when people request a business, share their opinions, and negotiate with other companies and colleagues. This lecture was a beneficial time for 20 participants because the lecturer initiated several tips such as good expressions, etiquettes, and attitudes that help communicating in English well.

 The lecturer emphasized that a business email has to be composed concisely and briefly and a title of the email should be written by using keywords. In the introduction of the email, there should be a brief address, and in the body part, there were three important things that have to be followed. 

“The amount of body, nuance, and grammar.” 

 It is important to divide paragraphs properly and write separating by spaces. Also, people have to write it politely using these expressions, “Please let me know~, Would it be possible~, Would you please confirm~,” and need to correct grammar. In addition, the font should be a basic style like Times New Roman and the text size is should be set at 10-12. Emoticons or exclamation marks are not good to use in business e-mails. 

 Following those guidelines would give their email readability. She mentioned that a business email should be concise and brief. E-mail writers have to talk about only one topic, and trigger to write an email that is composed of short and simple sentences not to take time away from coworkers.

 Lastly, she introduced two speech methods, “Star (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method”, and “Prep (Point, Reason, Explanation & Example, Point) method”. When people are in interview situations, these methods would be useful for showing their qualities in an efficient way, as they show their intentions accurately.

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