Speech Special Lecture for Those who are Afraid of Giving Presentations and Being Interviewed
Speech Special Lecture for Those who are Afraid of Giving Presentations and Being Interviewed
  • Son Go-eun
  • 승인 2021.05.25 17:37
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▲ ‘Speech Special Lecture’ was held through Zoom (source=CATCH-UP)
▲ ‘Speech Special Lecture’ was held through Zoom (source=CATCH-UP)


 Speech Special Lecture was held by Job Support Team, CATCH-UP through Zoom on May 21 at 6 p.m. This lecture is a special lecture for students who are afraid of presentations and are worried about how to make a PPT(Power Point) and want to know how to respond when they go to an interview. Go Song-yi, an instructor, who is currently the representative of Edu Go's Corporate Education Research Institute, gave a lecture. The lecture was divided into two themes: speech special lectures for interviews and speech special lectures to improve presentation skills.

 The content of first theme is about the pattern of self-introduction, understanding the hidden intentions of interview questions, and answering skills by interview situations. Self-introductions consist of showing your character, brief storytelling of your strengths, and aspirations to show your will to succeed. The lecturer emphasizes that the key strategy of an speaking during an interview is to be specific, deductive and concise.

 The content of second theme is about how to organize a structured presentation, speech opening skills, and how to speak logically and convincingly. The important thing in giving presentations is speech, not artistry. The presentation should capture the audience with the first greeting in a straightforward manner and start with an impactful opening. The instructor introduced ways to overcome presentation anxiety, such as speaking consciously and slowly, thinking that the audience are my fans, and disclosing nervousness to the audience.

 The lecture adopted a reciprocal approach as instructors and students communicated using an anonymous questioning system. Through this, students were able to solve their own questions and get realistic advice. They could also get a chance to practice what they learned in the lecture. The instructor concluded with an emphasis on speech that considers the audience, saying, “The bait should suit the taste of the fish, not the taste of the angler.”

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