Start-up Lounge Program was Conducted at CUK
Start-up Lounge Program was Conducted at CUK
  • Lee Chae-won
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▲ (source=The Forum)
▲ (source=The Forum)


 The Foundation Education Innovation Center (창업교육혁신센터) at CUK conducted the third start-up lounge program through Zoom on May 18 at 12 p.m. Through this program, students of CUK can listen to the experience of the founders who graduated from CUK. Also, the graduates offered the students tips about getting a job or starting a business.

 The speaker of the day was Joo Kwang-soo, a graduate of CUK as Media technology & Media contents 12. He is the first president of A Storke, the planning club of CUK, and now a deputy representative of Studio YumYum. He told the story of his journey to become the deputy representative and gave tips to students who took the lecture. 

 He emphasized that you have to make a lot of “textons” and countless “scriptons” in the textons when we are in college. Texton means the basic framework and scripton means the contents. That is, what he wanted to say through this phrase means qualifications in college are useful for social life because of building experiences. Also, it means experience can help you adapt and prepare for an environment that changes quickly.  

 He said that his favorite famous saying is “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” from Walt Disney. He continually conveyed the message to us that we do not need to be afraid of failure.  He said, “Rather than worrying about your failure, the failure will make your resume more plentiful and all experience will be your own brand in the future.”      

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