Back Again Enjoying A Grade
Back Again Enjoying A Grade
  • Son Go-eun
  • 승인 2021.05.25 15:48
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source= CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) of CUK
source= CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) of CUK

 At 6 p.m. on May 12, The "Enjoying A Grade Season 2" hosted by The CUK(Catholic University of Korea) Central Christian Club CCC(Campus Crusade for Christ) was held. Students could apply in advance through Naver Form and participate through Zoom. This program aims to give tips to freshers in 20s and 21s who are in college in a difficult time facing COVID-19. 

 The program was divided into three classes. In the first class, Jang Jong-hoe, a Department of Law`s student of the class of  2016, lectured on external activities, group projects, and presentations. He emphasized the importance of the purpose of doing external activities, explained how to divide roles in group projects, and gave tips for making good presentations.

 In the second class, Na Yu-ha, a Department of Chinese Language and Culture`s student of the class of 2018, lectured on timetables, time management, priorities. She gives information about subjects, how to plan and prioritize, and tips on her own. She added that the reason of living hard and vision is more important than any other plan or tips in college life

 In the third class, Son Ji-su, a Department of Religion`s student of the class of 2018, lectured on North Star: A life driven by purpose. The North Star has little change in position and is a guide to its defense or latitude. She said we need a North Star in our college life and lives because we fall, wander, and don't know an inch ahead like travelers who are always looking for directions.

 Freshers in the COVID-19 who have no way of knowing about college will be able to get information on both their grades and college life through this program. It was also a beneficial time for students who participated last year, as it returned to richer and newer content following season 1, which was very popular last year.

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