The Uncomfortable Truth Hidden by the Clear Sky
The Uncomfortable Truth Hidden by the Clear Sky
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Source= www.Koreaherald.com
Source= www.Koreaherald.com

 In 2020, people could see a clear sky as the greenhouse gas emission had been reduced due to the decrease of traffic volume and factory operations in the aftermath of COVID-19. However, the clean sky is a temporary phenomenon that hides an uncomfortable truth about the abnormal climate related to the global warming issue. 2020 was the second-hottest year after 2016. The average global temperature rose 0.98 degrees Celsius in 2020. Furthermore, the northern hemisphere is 1.28 degrees warmer than the average 20th-century temperature.

 Unprecedented monsoon rains of 54 days in Korea and the record-breaking heat of 38°C in Verkhoyansk, the coldest town in the world, is no longer a coincidence. It is a signal warning of more serious disasters to come in the future. Now, people have to think about whether the imminent crisis, COVID-19 has made us fail to realize the shadow of the climate crisis that could cause more serious disasters. COVID-19 can be solved with a vaccine, but there is no injection to solve the climate crisis in a few years. We must remember that the only way to prevent future disasters is our immediate behavior and the change in the perception that Earth is not human’s personal property.

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