Data Science, something that we all should care
Data Science, something that we all should care
  • Kim Sue-min
  • 승인 2020.12.06 22:06
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 At 2 p.m on November 27, data science education in the fourth industrial revolution was conducted through Zoom among the “2020 Data Science Industry-Academic Cooperation Forum” under the Catholic University of Korea. It is designed to inform the importance of data science education to not only those in education but also those in business circles. The lectures and discussions were held to introduce the importance of data science, especially after COVID-19. 


(source=The Forum)
(source=The Forum)

 The forum began with the opening speeches of Professor Lee Jung of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Lee Dong-hyun, head of the Innovation Leading College Business Group, and Song Yong-ok, a leader of the Intelligence Information Society and professor at Yonsei University. Lectures by Eugene Group’s Yoon Il-hwan who is head of the group’s strategy support division and Jung Sung-won, executive director of Data Solution, followed.

 The forum was concluded with panel discussions. To leap forward in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the upcoming future growth, many experts from Data Science gathered together through the forum to discuss this issue.

 During the forum, a number of experts emphasized the difference between reality and ideal in education and business with data science so far. They said, to reduce the difference and gap, it is essential not only for experts in the IT industry but also for many people working in various fields at this time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 Thanks to participants of the forum, it was a time to learn how to realize data science that is practically applicable to the business field, not just for the education of training.


(source=The Forum)
(source=The Forum)


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