CUK Student Council Parang Offers Bulk Purchase of Feminine Hygiene Products
CUK Student Council Parang Offers Bulk Purchase of Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Eo Ye-rin
  • 승인 2020.10.07 08:56
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Source= Instagram of Parang
Source= Instagram of Parang

 On September 21, a notice was posted on the Instagram page of Parang, a student council of Catholic University, announcing that they will hold a group purchase of female sanitary products. The group buying will be carried out from September 21 to 27 via a Naver form application.

 Through joint purchasing, CUK Students will be able to purchase some items from Cheongdam Girls(청담소녀) and Luna Cup(루나컵), both of which sell sanitary products for females, at a low price. Since buying female sanitary products are burdensome to women, getting 30 to 50 percent discount will be a merit.


 Also, while planning the joint purchasing program, Parang informed students that one of their pledges, the installation of sanitary goods-vending machines, would be replaced with this joint-purchasing project. In May, Parang announced that they will install the sanitary goods-vending machines in women’s toilets. However, since students cannot go to university due to the COVID-19, the low demand for the vending machines was expected, and this made them reconsider  the project.


 Instead, they have come out with idea of carrying out a joint purchasing project to allow students to buy female sanitary products at low prices, which were burdensome for women to purchase at high consumer prices.


 In response, an anonymous student of CUK expressed gratitude for the student council's joint purchase of sanitary products, saying, "Since the sanitary products’ price is too expensive, it was burdensome to buy it every month. But I am grateful that the CUK student council arranged such joint purchases."

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