CUK Holds “Yeokgok Kitchen” Event in October
CUK Holds “Yeokgok Kitchen” Event in October
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  The CUK (Catholic University of Korea) Student Council Parang prepared a special event for October with a shared kitchen, “Yeokgok Kitchen.” "Yeokgok Kitchen" is a place where students can cook and take a meal freely. Basic condiments are provided, and cooking utensils are prepared. Induction, oven, microwave, and air fryer are also available. Also, it is equipped with all heating and cooling facilities. For dormitory students or for students who want to have a place to cook, Yeokgok Kitchen will be a proper place.


  Students of CUK who want to use "Yeokgok Kitchen" will receive various benefits if they make a reservation on Naver for "Yeokgok Kitchen". When CUK Students make a reservation of Yeokgok Kitchen on weekdays, they will get a 20% discount on fees. Also, if CUK students write a Naver review including photos, they will get 5,000 wonrebate and when they post reviews of their visit on the Naver blog, they can get a 10,000-wonrebate. Duplicate discounts are also available.


  In an interview with CUF, the Director of external cooperation at the CUK student council, Byeon Seung-yeon, said, “The student council thought a lot about what measures to come up with during the difficulties of the Yeokgok commercial districts due to the COVID-19. Therefore, the student council decided to form a partnership with Yeokgok Kitchen near the university so that CUK students could enjoy cooking with their friends safely.” She also said that they hope CUK students have a lot of interest in this event and participate in it.

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