COVID-19 Outbreak at Dong-A University After Implementing Off-line Classes
COVID-19 Outbreak at Dong-A University After Implementing Off-line Classes
  • Jang Na-eun
  • 승인 2020.10.06 15:48
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Bumin Campus of DAU (Dong-A University) in Busan
Bumin Campus of DAU (Dong-A University) in Busan

 After the implementation of the off-line class in some of universities, the case of COVID-19 mass infections occurred at the Bumin Campus of DAU (Dong-A University) in Busan. On September 19, Busan Metropolitan City announced the DAU student (Busan No.366) is infected with the coronavirus. Also, on September 20, Gyeongsangnam-do Province announced a student at Dong-A University (Gyeongnam No.285), who lives in Changwon is also infected with COVID-19. Since then, the number of confirmed students in DAU has increased to 14 as of Sept. 25.

 It has been verified that the confirmed student(285th confirmed case of Gyeongnam)was at a restaurant nearby the university on Sept. 16 and 17, where the first confirmed student of DAU(366th confirmed case of Busan) met the another student(379th confirmed case of Busan) for the club meeting. As the main cause of this mass infection has turned out to be contact between students after conducting off-line classes in some of the subjects, students of CUK that gradually implement off-line classes impress their concern in EVERYTIME(university community).

 In an interview with CUF, an anonymous student (Department of Child Studies) at DAU said this tragedy happened since DAU pushed ahead of the off-line classes without having any concern for the potential danger of COVID-19 infections. She also said "Before another student's confirmed case was announced, there was another student who had a symptom of COVID-19, and this made every off-line class in DAU canceled for a day. However, as soon as the result of negative came out, the school implemented off-line classes right again. And the next day, another confirmed case occurred in our university.” 

 Furthermore, the interviewer responded that DAU students were frustrated and angry because the university did not notice exact instructions to the dormitory students or students who went to their hometowns after the confirmed cases occurred. DAU has announced that it will conduct on-line classes until October 26. However, the interviewer hopes that the university conducts the on-line class during the rest of the second semester to prevent COVID-19 and ensure the safety of students.

  According to the Busan Metropolitan City, the acting mayor of Busan, Byun Seong-wan and the presidents of 22 universities in Busan held an emergency meeting on September 22 to deal with the occurrence of mass infection. In this meeting, acting mayor and universities announced that universities will conduct online classes for all subjects in principle until October 11, and they will send the message to notice the students not to visit the high-population density areas near the school for a while.

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