The Period of OTT Has Come Along
The Period of OTT Has Come Along
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  Here is a person who is watching dramas and movies through tablet PC or smart phone. This person enjoys it in a comfortable position, changing his own posture. Over the top(OTT) period has been coming along as technology advances. In these changes, the public can enjoy many kinds of contents without the limitation of place or time or what they want. Moreover, many people tend to stay at home to prevent the COVID-19 nowadays. This is a perfect condition for consumers to use OTT platform.



  OTT is a service which gives video contents to customers through the Internet network. A thesis, a study on user experience of OTT service (2020) shows that the twenty is the main group using the platform in Korea. This research analyzed that they are more skilled at handling new digital appliances than other age groups. According to this investigation, 94 percent of twenty usually use OTT platform through their private mobile devices. The influence of the platform is growing as the portable electronic device including a smart phone becomes widespread. OTT service platform can share all of videos on the website and web application. The rate of OTT service has been on a steady rise per a year with this light device.


  There are some reasons why the OTT services are so popular among the public in the red ocean of media. The first thing is that those platforms have an algorithm technique. The technology recommends genres that suit the tastes of platform users through analysis of big data. Using OTT, those service users can choose video contents easily in which they will be attracted. Second, people subscribing OTT service do not have to feel strained about the money. If people use the catch-up television(TV 다시보기 서비스) which be taken before using OTT, they will cost extra money per episode. OTT reduces the usage price burden by using a flat rate system that pays a fixed price monthly.

  In addition, there are no intermediate insert adverts, therefore it is possible to watch in seconds unlike VOD services or TV programs. All video contents on OTT are only played in accordance with users' choices. This function makes users have total autonomy to decide. Moreover, it can jump the phrase such as opening part where people do not watch over the touch and click especially by using Netflix. Finally, the record of watching the video remains, so viewers can watch it again from the point where they stopped streaming.



  The mass media that convey popular culture always change over the generation. People usually use only a radio or television when they do not have OTT platforms. TV rather than radio, and OTT provide more autonomy to public rather than other media. A route to watch TV without using catch-up television makes the public much more passive than watching under OTT. People can only hear and watch pop culture just as the channels of the television order them do. In the period of new media, the public can take a more active attitude and enjoy pop culture.

  The shape of media is getting developed everyday to give full options to viewers. Universalization of OTT has allowed people not to catch the original airing of a TV show, because they can watch programs through those OTT services. And besides this, people do not need to go to the movie theater to watch the latest movies, since they can watch those at home. Also, the audiences who have portable smart devices can enjoy any contents that they want, no matter where they are going.


  "Media is the message." Media expert Marshall Mclu said. It means that the media contains a life of human, so the media is a trend itself. The way to appreciate the popular culture can alter through the change of the mass and trend in the future. The nature of the pop culture will not degenerate in this speedy process. People will continue to feel comfort and get a lesson through using better media. OTT guarantees the autonomy of users when people determine all about watching. This is a more suited way for modern time seeks individual freedoms.

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