Movie for All the Homeless Children in the World
Movie for All the Homeless Children in the World
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Photo by https://blog.naver.com
Photo by https://blog.naver.com

 The poster is showing beautiful rainbow and bright colors such as purple and pink. This makes people feel the Florida Project as a fairy-tale. However, people who have seen this movie would have complicated emotions since the story and atmosphere of the movie. People know that the Disney land proud of its fabulous appearance. However, most of them do not know about existence of shabby motels near to the Disney land located in Florida. The Florida Project directed by Sean Baker, conveys the story of the homeless who live in the shabby motel named Magic Castle.

 In fact, the Florida Project is the name of the policy of Walt Disney. In 1965, Walt Disney Co purchases the land in Florida to build the Disney World. They named this development policy as the Florida Project. After Disney World was completed, shabby motels mimicked Disneyland are increased at the opposite side of the Disney land. Many homeless people live in the Florida gathered these motels since the subprime mortgage in 2008.

In U.S., a motel is the last choice of the homeless
According to an architect Yoon Woong-won, in the United State, motels are the last residence of homeless people before they start the life on the street. If people lose their jobs or cannot rent a public rental house due to their criminal career, they usually choose a motel as the final alternative Instead of the homeless shelter. The characters in the movie are long-time-residents pay for 35$ of accommodation fee once a week. Even though that is very cheap price, they always have to struggle to pay that.

 This film shows a life of the main character Moonee (Brooklynn Prince), a six years old girl living in the Magic Castle and her single mom Halley (Bria Vinaite). They are homeless who are not counted and not protected by authority. Although their situation is piss-poor, Halley loves Moonee very much and always struggles to earn the cost of the living and accommodation fee. Not only Halley, most of residents in the Magic Castle also have similar finacial problems. The Disneyland is only the place of the dream to them even though they live nearby Disneyland.

 Before making the Florida Project, Sean Baker wondered how he shows his deep thought in effective way. "Actually, it is difficult to ask an audience who is coming theater to enjoy the weekend evening, to watch the movie that seriously deals with the reality of the homeless.” he said. However, his intention is realized well through the forthright direction. He put the effort to convey the homeless problem more realistic instead of containing excessive emotional expression or overly directed sympathy.

 To make the movie more realistic, the director used an unconventional and creative method. He took the film at a real motel instead of using a set. The purple-colored motel with the sign Magic Castle was still open in there. The real guests became extras of movie, and their various stories were incorporated into the scenario. In addition, he did not hesitate to cast unnamed actors if the actor matches with the character well. Actually, director casted Halley after seeing only selfies of a designer who had no experience in acting, he gave her the role of the main character. Scooty (Christopher Rivera), who played the friend of Moonee, was the real resident of the Magic Castle. 

Photo by https://www.artinsight.co.kr
Photo by https://www.artinsight.co.kr

 This movie features the attitude of U.S., which does not put effort in solving the homeless problem. Halley earns the money by illegal prostitution. Later, the Children's Bureau found out that fact and tried to get Moonee away from Halley. Although the person who reported Halley is not appeared in the movie, the important thing is that authority tried to solve the problem after the report. If there were not the report, authorities would never have known that Moonee and Halley were suffering from poverty. In addition, it is another implication whether the decision of state that breaking them is right even though Moonee does not want to break up with Halley.

 Florida project usually used the sight of children to let the audience think about poverty and homeless more significantly. Before the man arrives Halley’s room, Halley let the Moonee to take bath and play the music to make Moonee do not know the fact of prostitution. After the man arrive the room, the film shows the audience only the scene of playing Moonee. This method of direction makes audience, who know what Halley doing while Moonee playing innocently, feel that situation more seriously. 

Photo by https://copyday.tistory.com
Photo by https://copyday.tistory.com


 Guys! This is a real problem. You need to go out there and help.

said Brooklynn prince, who acted the Moonee as an acceptance speech when she awarded the Best Young Performer award at the CCA(Coated Conductors for Applications) in 2018. This sincere voice of the six years old actor is enough to make the audience realize the seriousness of the homeless problem. People not only end up with just watching the movie, but also they should have the attention to the homeless people like Moonees and Halleys in the world, and help them.

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