Public Lecture Helpful for Choosing a Double Major
Public Lecture Helpful for Choosing a Double Major
  • Ko Gyeong, Eo Ye Rin
  • 승인 2019.06.03 14:42
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 A public lecture helpful for choosing a double major was held at Nichols hall Job Cafe (N113-1), by No Jin-young, a career consultant on March 28, 2019. In the lecture, Ms. No gave explanations about the availability of jobs for each major, the number of graduates attending graduate schools according to their major and ended with a Q&A with students.

 She explained a variety of jobs suitable for each major, such as for the Department of Food and Nutrition, the Department of Physics, Division of International Studies and so on. She stressed that our university’s program for getting a job as a nutritionist is very well organized. Also, she said several students of the Department of International Studies chose a double major in a foreign language and entered foreign enterprises. In addition to the above majors, she suggested the direction of students in each department and double major helpful to them.

 During the question-and-answer session, students were able to get advice on what they had been curious about from the lecturer. She said during the lecture, "It's important to decide the job you want to do and make specific plans, no matter what major you choose." Finally, she wrapped up the lecture by informing students that "If you want career counseling, you can visit the Catholic University of Korea's Employment Support Center or apply for job counseling in Trinity."

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