Return of Jo Todd in Musical Sweeny Todd
Return of Jo Todd in Musical Sweeny Todd
  • Lee Chae Eun
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Jo Seung woo acts the main character Sweeny Todd. Photo by Joongang Ilbo
Jo Seung woo acts the main character Sweeny Todd. Photo by Joongang Ilbo

  Musical Sweeny Todd, which will have its premiere on October 2 in Charlotte Theater that is in Songpa-gu, Seoul, recorded sellout in two minutes right after sales started at 2 p.m. on October 7 and it is the first booking day. It is the work of composer Stephen Sondheim and It is a story that a main character Benjamin Barker who was a barber changes his name to Sweeny Todd to revenge an immoral judge. Jo Seung woo who gets love as the best actor in Korea and is called ‘Jo Todd’ in musical Sweeny Todd stands on the stage once more after his performance in 2016.

  About his 2016 performance, he said he thought the best thing of this musical is the music of Stephen Sondheim. Jo Seung woo felt that in the music of musical Sweeny Todd, there are the story and the character’s emotions that the composer wants to say and give to audiences. He was glad that he can participate in this great work again as well.

  Unfortunately, when he encountered this music for the first time in 2016, it was very hard to him. However, after performing on the actual stage with playing the main character as an actor, he realized why this composer gets praise and recognition as the best composer. The most impressive thing in his performance was that the music by itself gave very big energy to the actor despite there was no unnecessary feeling.

  Jo Seung woo really liked the song “Pretty Women” that is a musical number in Sweeny Todd. This is the scene that a main character and a judge sing together and Jo Seung woo said there is a strange and emotional discord. He had a great interest in becoming harmonized by the music despite the contents that two people contain are completely different and he hoped that he acts well again in this scene.

  Jo Seung woo showed his affection and passion for Sweeny Todd throughout the interview and he said his impression frankly. “I am excited and feel good about returning again to Sweeny Todd for the third year but I am also nervous. And I look forward to how I and new actors have a better effect on each other, but I am worried about it too.” He gave one tip for watching musical Sweeny Todd at the end of the interview. “Audiences can feel various and enormous themes in this work if they watch the performance while following the mentality and emotions of the main character.”

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