[Editor's Letter] "CUF Will Let Others Light Their Candles from It"
[Editor's Letter] "CUF Will Let Others Light Their Candles from It"
  • Eo Ye Rin
  • 승인 2020.04.16 00:37
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  Greeting to all students at the Catholic University of Korea (CUK), who started the year 2020. Last year, The Catholic University Forum (CUF) decided to carry out organizational changes. Instead of publishing magazines four times in a year, we decided to publish the magazine once a year and open an online homepage for our readers to easily reach our platform. To allow our readers to approach more easily and accurately the news in this changing era, our articles will deal with diverse subjects.


  In the CUK life section, readers can see the interview from the exchange students in CUK who talk about their experiences of exchange life. Then, for those who are wondering about the recent CUK’s news, we provide for the students heavy and bright news articles, such as one the discontinuance of café O.B.F, and another on the meaning of the trees on the CUK campus. In CUK news, a Feature section and Culture & Review sections are prepared for the readers. In the Feature news section, we bring articles related to the society and world such as Sexual exploitation on Telegram: Room number N and Trade issues. We also introduce what is emerging as trends in the feature section. If the readers want articles that can be read easily and lightly, the Culture and Review section will be good for them.


  "knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can findd information upon it." said Samuel Johnson. CUF will always be with the readers and be a place that gives them the proper information in changing times. As we have the knowledge, we will let others light their candles from it. Through our online articles and magazines, we hope readers can enlighten their minds and learn how to understand the issues on various levels. We will always do our best to angle the articles toward CUK students' interests and  to gather noteworthy news from the world.

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