Corona Virus: Should I Stay at Home?
Corona Virus: Should I Stay at Home?
  • Lee Seo Yeon
  • 승인 2020.04.03 22:05
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Chung Eun-kyung, head of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is giving a briefing on COVID-19(출처=https://news.naver.com)
Chung Eun-kyung, head of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is giving a briefing on COVID-19(출처=https://news.naver.com)


  With fear of contact between people, schools have postponed the opening of classes and some companies are conducting work in house. Some people are complaining of depression as COVID-19 keeps them from going out. Moreover, there are citizens who are becoming anxious about fake news related to the Corona virus. According to the Central Disinfection Countermeasure Headquarters, because of these situations, there are more than 10 people a day calling 1339 just to complain about their anxiety or stress caused by COVID-19.

  Heo Yang-im, a family medicine specialist said it is okay to go out for a while to a place where there are no people, rather than to be afraid. Also, she mentioned that even though there are many viruses around us, just to be in contact with someone who has a cold does not mean people will get a cold. “They can overcome it if they have a high immune system” she said, adding that it is important to follow the rules to prevent infection and people should basically try to strengthen their immune system.

  According to experts, the simplest way to improve the immune system is to get enough sleep and rest, build healthy eating habits and reduce stress. These are some things that everyone knows but it can be hard to do. For example, what university students can most easily implement is to make their own life rules, even during vacation, to keep their bedtime and wake-up hours constant. Especially at 11 p.m. to 3.a.m melatonin secretions improve the quality of sleep, so they need to always sleep during this time. Espeacially, taking a simple walk and getting some sunlight can absorb vitamin D and activate the cells that kill germs in the body.

  In addition, experts' opinions on foods that enhance immunity to prevent the new Corona virus have been broadcast on various TV channels such as The morning show(아침마당). Foods that enhance immunity include spinach, mushrooms, ginseng, ginger and eggs. In particular, eggs contain not only vitamins but also rich proteins, which are made up of the main ingredients of immunity material. Eggs are the top food for the body with high absorption rates and are easily available.

  For the people who are depressed by the Corona virus, Shin Yong-wook, a doctor at Asan Medical Center in Seoul, strongly recommended communication with acquaintances through digital media, as just talking helps remove depression. There have been more opportunities to access the media due to restrictions on going out, but they should not believe it unconditionally because there are also so many fake-news stories. The Society of Neuropsychiatry, a group of psychiatrists, warned that they should not get too much news of infectious diseases, but only get accurate information as necessary from reliable media.

  Above all things, instead of being immersed in negative thoughts, trying to have positive mindset is more important. Many countermeasures are being taken to overcome the corona virus. Currently, the government is implementing a five-part mask system so that more people can get masks, and medical personnel are fighting hard against COVID-19. These efforts have led to a decrease in the number of the infectees and faster treatments. As the number of confirmed people continues to decline, the whole world will be able to overcome the situation well if they practice good personal hygiene and social distancing.

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