Introducing the Catholic Univerisity Forum: You Can Also Become a Reporter
Introducing the Catholic Univerisity Forum: You Can Also Become a Reporter
  • Lee Seo Yeon
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출처=The forum
출처=The forum


  The Forum, which is the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) English newspaper club is celebrating its 47th anniversary.They cover avariety of topics, suchas international, political and social news. Topics are decided considering interests of the reporter as well as important issues in the CUK. The Forum has been operated as an online newspaper since 2019 to enable more peopleto read the articles. Prior to then, it had publishedthe magazine four times a year. From now, the magazine will be published once a year. The Forum aims to avoid simple reports and satisfy the needs of readers with differentiated contents and experimental journalism.The duration of the club activities will be two years in a row, and after finishing a year as a cub reporter, they become a junior reporter.There are posters all over the CUK campus advertising

  “Recruitment of English newspaper reporters.” Students think too easily that the Forum is just a club, which writes articles in English. It is difficult for them to know specific information, such as how many articles are written a week and how the editing is done. Some students want to write an article in English, but they hesitate to apply because they worry about not having outstanding English writing skills. However, as passion and effort are much more important than English ability, the CUK students who are worrying about their English writing skills can apply too.


(1) The Forum’s application process

  Cub reporters are selected through an application and an interview. One of the most frequently asked questions by applicants is whether an interview will be conducted in English. However, there are only simple questions in English, such as a self-introduction. It is crucial to note that the Forum does not carry out the whole process in English. Interviews, as well as conferences, are conducted in Korean, and English is necessary when only writing an article.


(2) Writing articles & conference editing method

  In advance, reporters make an outline before writing an article. The outline is a concise plan for the article that shows what the reporter wants to say. Reporters give feedback to each other when they meet in the conference. Out of the three outlines, the adopted article topic will be written. Then later it will be revised with reference to the opinions of the peers. After writing the article in English, several rounds of peer editing are needed and, lastly, the article is examined by the foreign professor in charge. After passing through this process, the reporter can upload an article.

*The conference is held once a week and the topic of the news articles to be written by reporters will be determined at that time. In 2019, the conference was held every Monday, at 7 p.m.


(3) Benefits of the Forum activities

  Lee Chae-eun cub reporter said, “The Forum activity is good to enhance my English reading skill because I read repeatedly my article and others’, too.” The Forum is divided into the editorial, finance and communication team and can provide support to suit one’s career or interests. If you work for The Forum, reporters will be given personality field of the ELP points every semester. “It is very convenience to rest in the large and wide club room on the second floor of Nichols Hall, which has good accessibility,” Reporter Song Nu-rim said. Actually, she often studies in the club room and some tired people sleep on the sofa. She also said “The Forum office has a personal locker, a sofa, a computer and a printer, and the printing is free of charge, so I can print out something fast before



(4) Communication with foreign students

  In 2019, the Forum had an exchange program with foreign students. Foreign students recommended their books to Korean students and the Korean students answered using postcards. It was a good opportunity to understand cultures with each other. Also, some foreign students contributed articles to the Forum.



출처=The forum
출처=The forum


5) Interview with the Forum senior reporter

  Lee Hee-sung (Accounting 16)


 There was no hard or fatigue coming from human relationships as I work with good people who always cared about each other. I could not only improve my English skills also gain confidence in writing and the power to express myself clearly. Of course, the sense of accomplishment when getting scholarships and magazines is also one of the things you can get from the Forum. Also, I was able to expand my human relationships by interacting closely with my professors, seniors, and coworkers. Furthermore, I was able to meet a variety of people in the suburbs as well as on the CUK campus. It was hard to take all my studies, my personal life, and the Forum activities, but I had no regrets because I learned a lot.

  To be a reporter at an English newspaper, the passion for English and writing articles are more important than English skills. Above all, if an applicant has persistence and sincerity, he or she will be able to enjoy a good school life with the Forum. As Lee Hee-sung senior reporter said, cub reporters will get a chance to meet a variety of people while doing interviews, as well as writing skills. Sometimes the editing process is painful, but it is true that you get as much as you give.


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