The Whole World Is Fighting to Contain COVID-19
The Whole World Is Fighting to Contain COVID-19
  • Eo Ye Rin
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  The coronavirus outbreak has now spread to every continent. As the epidemic spreads to the borderline pandemic, countries are trying hard to respond to it, such as banning the entry of travelers from areas affected by or at risk COVID-19 and so on. In these situations, people who are now sick with worries are increasing too. Every time they get any symptoms, they get frightened and ask people if they are infected to COVID-19 or not, saying, “I am having a fever. Am I stricken with COVID-19?” “I keep coughing and even having horrible nausea. Is it just a cold or is it COVID-19?”
출처=The Biology Notes
출처=The Biology Notes

  Corona Virus first occurred in Hubei, Wuhan of China. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 20,000 people have been infected outside China. The official name of the Corona Virus and Wuhan virus is COVID-19. COVID-19 is infectious when the infected person’s droplet infiltrates into the mucous membrane of the eye, nose, and mouth. After 2~14 days when people get infected, they show signs of pulmonary symptoms such as cough, respiratory difficulty, and pneumonia. However, cases of asymptomatic infection are rarely happening.


 Though COVID-19 occurred in China, it has been spreading more rapidly outside of China. When the first outbreak of COVID-19 in China, the experts of ICL (Imperial College, London) conjectured that about two-thirds of Chinese people still haven't been tested for infection of COVID-19. They concerned about the "complex chain of people-to-people transmission that has yet to be identified" would emerge and COVID-19 become an international contagion, which eventually occurred.


 Currently, Korea became the most serious infected Asian nation besides China. The number of confirmed people in the country stood at around 30 until February 17. However, it increased exponentially to more than 8,000 on March 16, starting with the mass infections by the believer of Shincheonji, which is a false religion. The infected believer of Shincheonji, who visited Wuhan on February 18, went to Daegu Church and infected other Sincheonji believers.



  In response, the government said that it will raise the crisis alert to the highest level, which is the most serious level and drastically strengthen its response system. The government is also preparing various countermeasures such as postponing the opening of schools, increasing the number of daily infection tests and identifying the movement of confirmed people through new technologies by the Korean government. Under these circumstances, Korea's innovative quarantine system is very much coming to the fore. One of the most representative is a "drive-through screening clinic," where people can get a virus diagnosis test while in a vehicle. This was inspired by fast-food restaurants and is an efficient and safe new method and was reported at CNN, BBC and several other foreign media outlets.


 German journalist Spiegel Online also spoke highly of the countermeasure in Korea, while criticizing China for not knowing the exact facts by dealing with the virus in an opaque manner and having no independent media reporting those situations. Spiegel Online emphasized that the high number of infections in Korea is due to the country's excellent diagnostic skills and free press and democratic system and that this approach can provide important clues to the new virus to medical staff around the world.



  The spread of COVID-19 is getting serious not only in Korea and Japan, which are the countries located near China but also in other countries. The number of confirmed cases is rapidly increasing in Italy, a European country beyond Asia. At first, Korea’s infection was more serious than Italy. However, according to the stats, Italia’s infection increased to the amount of one million and became the most serious infected country, following China. Under the circumstances, Italy has issued they have sealed the country and banned the nation’s movement to prevent proliferation. Also, the first cases of infection have also been reported in Ecuador, Luxembourg, Ireland, Indonesia and so on. Therefore, the EU also said that they are working on ways to deal with the COVID-19.


 Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) president, said, "The COVID-19 is not a regional issue anymore. It became a global issue, which requires a global response." The IMF said it was determined to act to reduce risk and impact on people and would use all available money to help support the IMF member states. Also, G7 countries said that they would mobilize fiscal policy to resolve this situation.


 IMF and the United Nations (UN) mentioned if the current situation continues, not only the global economy but also the whole world will be damaged by the downturn of the economy, decrease of mankind and other serious situations like those upon it. Also, recently, as the COVID-19 has reignited disaster films such as Outbreak and Contagion, people are gripped by a sense of fear that they could reach to the worst situation in the movie. However, the whole world is working together to solve this situation, and the medical staff also works hard to prevent and treat the COVID-19. Therefore, if people around the world follow each country's guidelines to minimize damage, these serious situations related to COVID-19 will be resolved quickly.

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