Three-hundred-thousand young people unemployed: Why did they give up looking for jobs?
Three-hundred-thousand young people unemployed: Why did they give up looking for jobs?
  • Yang Ji Yeong
  • 승인 2019.11.14 17:52
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출처= Everytime
출처= Everytime

 Kim Yeong-gyeong, the president of Youthfield in Seoul (서울시 청년청) gave a special lecture at Kim Sou-hwan Hall on October 29. The lecture was titled "Three-hundred-thousand young people unemployed, why did they give up looking for jobs?"
Kim used events from her own life to lecture about "the factors that make young people's future uneasy" in a current cultural program at Youthfield called Time to Change the World. 

 The Youth Office aims to create an environment in which young people who want to do something with the space of youth activities supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government accumulate experience through various experiments and attempts. They hope it will become a stepping stone to self-reliance among young people.

 Kim asked the students what their expectations for this lecture was before starting. Asked by her, one CUK student said she took the lecture to slove the question as the problem of youth unemployment in Korea that seems to arise from a social and structual aspect. Then, during her lecture, she compared the causes of young Koreans giving up their jobs in this era and explained two models of Korea's youth policy, focusing on the Seoul Metropolitan Government's policy cases.

 She said the two models can be specifically divided into central government-led youth employment measures and local government-led youth social policies. Especially since youth social policies were made with the participation of young people, more realistic and specific youth policies should have been realized.

 The organizers offered sandwiches and drinks for the CUK students as a simple dinner since the lecture was held late in the evening.

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