Writer Son Bo-mi invitation event
Writer Son Bo-mi invitation event
  • Song Nu Rim
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출처=Song Nu-rim 

 “This sentence had an influence on my attitude as a writer. When writing a novel, we have to observe while relating to their story, not as an objective watcher,” said writer Son Bo-mi. 

 “Writer Son Bo-mi invitation event” was held in Nichols Hall 213 of the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) on October 28. The event is held by student council of Department of Korean Language and Literature.

 Son Bo-mi is writer who made her debut after winning with a prize with her novel Blanket in the Department of Novels annual spring literary contest through Dong-A Daily News that has an influence in the literary world of Korea. Now she continues to writes other award-winning books and lives as a writer.

 She handed out copies of her talk titled “Sentence that Made Me a Writer” with clauses from various books that she read. She read them and talked about the life of writers and attitude. 

 Also, she recommended books such as Bill Hayes’s Sleep Demon: An Insomniac’s Memoir and Oliver Sacks’s Awakenings.

 At the end of the event, many students asked questions regarding her own favorite book written by her, her way of writing novels, and what is the driving force behind her writing.

 After finishing her lecture, the student council conducted a gift event prepared to increase the participation rate of students and took a group photo. Son Bo-mi drew for gift and gave five students an editions of her novels Dear Ralph Lauren and Elegant Night and Cats. There were also gifts like movie tickets, Gong-cha gifticons and a Starbucks tumbler.

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