Lecture given on multinational corporations responses to the threat of protectionism
Lecture given on multinational corporations responses to the threat of protectionism
  • Eo Ye Rin
  • 승인 2019.11.14 01:45
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출처=CUF 46th Eo Ye-Rin
출처=CUF 46th Eo Ye-Rin

 A special lecture “Multinational Corporations' Responses on Protectionism and Related Institutions” was held at the conference hall in Kim Soo-hwan hall on October 22. Shim Jong-sun, graduate of the Department of Business Administration at CUK gave a lecture. He is an accountant at the International Trade Headquarters of Sam jeong Accounting Corporation (KPMG).

 The lecture consisted of two parts, international trade entrance and international trade practice. In the introduction of international trade, he explained import regulations, trade remedies, requirements for invoking trade remedies and so on.

 Also, he gave information about recent trends in the utilization of trade remedies and dumping. In the working-level section of international trade, he accounted for anti-dumping restrictions and corporate values.

 He said he learned that the most important function in business was "the progress of information flow" in terms of financial accounting, exchange and interest risk management within the company and anti-dumping, international trade law, safeguards, WTO agreements and disputes at KPMG.

 Attendees interested in international trade, especially dumping and protectionism, which is the policy some countries have of helping their own industries by putting a large tax on imported goods or by restricting imports in some other way said that they learned new things that they didn't usually know through this lecture and it helped them to satisfy their curiosity.

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