O.B.F holds Halloween event to encourage active communication in English
O.B.F holds Halloween event to encourage active communication in English
  • Lee Chae Eun
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=Lee Chae-eun (Human ecology,19)
출처=Lee Chae-eun (Human ecology,19)

  O.B.F held its annual Halloween event from October 28 to 31 in the O.B.F café located in the Global -lounge of Kim Sou-hwan Cardinal Hall. In the lounge, students could watch the animation movie, Hotel Transylvania (몬스터 호텔, 2012) that is related to Halloween, so the interior lightening was dimmed for the occasion.

  O.B.F is one of organization clubs in CUK and it stands for Of the students, By the students, For the students. The club provides opportunities so that students can communicate with other students in English freely. It also plans and organizes many events in which foreign and Korean students can meet together and make new relationships.

  Students could get a sweet chocolate or jelly after saying “Trick or treat!” to O.B.F masters in the cafe. They also could get a “blood pack” drink (cherry coke) prepared for this Halloween event and some delicious snacks as well if students were able to find a mini pumpkin hidden in the lounge, and upload a photo of it with the tag @cuk_obf on SNS under the hashtags #OBF, #Halloween, or #Trick or Treat.

  After the Halloween event, O.B.F masters chose the best pictures uploaded on SNS with hashtags and reviews and they gave “every flavor beans in Harry Potter movie” as prizes to the winner of the best photo.

  The O.B.F event director said the purpose of this event is to encourage English speaking among CUK students and to create opportunities for experiencing foreign cultures. Halloween is a western traditional holiday and through this event, everyone breaks out of their routine and enjoys the festival together. For this reason, O.B.F held this event in the hope that students enjoy Halloween and feel greater familiarity with English.

  The director also said she hopes many students come to the lounge and relieve their fear of speaking in English through this event and communicate in English more freely later by this event. She wanted to tell to students they can speak in English through the Halloween event.


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