The Green Store provides green education and handmade diffusers
The Green Store provides green education and handmade diffusers
  • Lee Seo Yeon
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출처= Kim Moon-su ( Consumer&Housing 18 )
출처= Kim Moon-su ( Consumer&Housing 18 )

 The Green Store at the Catholic University of Korea provided green education for students and sold handmade diffusers for 4,000 won on the fourth floor of the Nichols Hall on October 23. The students took a simple environmental education quiz and got presents when they got the right answer.

 There was an event that offers discounts for bringing or donating unused bottles. If consumers bring or donate a container, they can buy it at 3,500 won and 3,000 won for each. There was also an event that offered a 1,000 won discount if consumers signed up to follow Instagram “Upgreenade.”

 There were two types of diffusers, Black Cherry and April Fresh, each containing 20 pieces. The diffusers sold at Nichols Hall will also be available at the Green Store on the first floor of the Student Center until October 31. All incoming profits from the sale will go to scholarships.

 Unlike last semester's part-time operation, this semester’s Green Store is run by the Consumer and Housing students who take consumer studies lessons at the university. The event was also planned by the students.

 Cho Eun-joo, majoring in Consumer and Housing, who operated a green store said this event was intended to encourage students to do recycling and not to throw away unused bottles or products.

 "We hope that students will actively visit the Green Store and there are a variety of items such as books and clothes besides handmade diffusers," said Kim Moon-soo, majoring in a Consumer and Housing major. As she said, students can rent umbrellas, supplementary batteries and mats for 1,000 won at the Green Store and it is available from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

 Students can also donate goods and get the proceeds back. If an item of sufficient value in use is brought to the Green Store within operating hours, the price is determined according to the value of the item. Eighty percent of the sales’ proceeds will be refunded to the donator and consignment goods will be become donations automatically one year after the consignment day.

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