“Fact check in writing” Lecture
“Fact check in writing” Lecture
  • Eo Ye Rin
  • 승인 2019.10.13 22:42
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출처=Eo Ye-rin
출처=Eo Ye-rin

 On 2019, September 25, the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) Journal held a special lecture on journalism. The lecture entitled “Fact Check in writing” was held in Maria 410. The lecturer was Kim Pil-gyu, who is a weekend news coverage director and News Agency Political Department Reporter for JTBC.

 To begin, the lecturer explained how the factcheck system began. The reporter said that fact checking started at the attached organizations of college first, and after few years some U.S. medias started to deal with it too.

 He also talked about the principles of JTBC's factcheck program and the way of composing the stories of factcheck. He said that the length and the way how the fact check runs have no standard to follow. Therefore, it depends on the reporter’s choice; however, the factcheck program should be aired every day, and the position should be held by one person.

 After telling JTBC’s fact check program’s principle, he taught to the students the way how to compose the story of fact check. The story should be composed by the order of introduction-backgrounds-verification-revers and conclusion.

 The best way to verify facts is to contact the person who is directly involved in the story being reported. He told the students, do not afraid to contact the people. Also, he emphasized that when writing a journal with factcheck, it is very important to select the correct preposition because what preposition you write with changes the conclusion of the article. Thanks to this lecture, students who are interested in writing journal articles about factchecking or who want to be reporters received a lot of help. 

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