Folk duo Rooftop Moonlight perform at the Damat Festival “ARCADE WORLD”
Folk duo Rooftop Moonlight perform at the Damat Festival “ARCADE WORLD”
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출처=Cho Min-young (Chinese Languages & Cultures, 18)

 Female K-pop duo Rooftop Moonlight performed on Smurf Hill at the Catholic University of Korea (CUK), as the concert’s finale for the 2019 Damat Festival’s “ARCADE WORLD,” after the performances of major clubs at CUK. 

 The 36th federation of clubs in CUK had organized all the events of Damat Festival which was held from September 25 to 26. The first day of the festival consisted of street performances and on the second day, there was a central stage performance on Smurf Hill.

 Rooftop Moonlight, also known as Okdal, is famous singer-songwriter folk duo, Kim Yoon-ju and Park Se-jin. They performed their well-known hits such as “None the Better or Courage," "Cocktail Love," and “Love Advice” on the stage. Vocalist Park Se-jin said that most of their songs are about life.

 The group’s performance warmed up the crowd, even eliciting calls for an encore. The audience gleefully sang along with the song’s lyrics and illuminated the stage using their smartphone flashlights.

 Midway through the concert, the duo communicated with CUK students, asking questions about their campus life and love life. They also cheered and encouraged students preparing for the midterm examination. “Your efforts will pay off someday so keep up with your work. I hope you achieve a satisfactory result,” said Kim Yoon-ju.

 She added, “But you should remember that not only studying but also maintaining good health conditions is essential. Take good care of yourself, doing hard study.” Many audiences screamed and replied to her loudly and enthusiastically in response.

 The finale on the central stage was decorated with the performance of their representative song, “Good Job on Another Day.” As the audience shouted for an encore, they played “The Easiest Story.”

 Oh Seok-jin (Department of Chemistry, 18) said that the great part about Damat Festival is that audience can feel a comfortable and festive atmosphere gathering together on small place, Smurf Hill and have a time of healing watching the performance. He said that Rooftop Moonlight was the best suited guest performer to this Damat Festival and each club of CUK showed their charms and talents of the members on the central stage.

 Lee Yoo-jung (Department of Philosophy, 18) said  the performance of Rooftop was awesome and she liked that the performer kept trying to communicate with the audience on a small stage like small concert. She added that it was the first time she joined in festival at CUK and it was such a good experience.

 Before the performance of Rooftop Moonlight, the major clubs such as Gahyunhoe, Gigahitz, F.O.M, CDZ, Hwarang, Sacred, and Band Experiment showed off the skills they had mastered up on the central stage.

 The federation of clubs also held a prize lottery and Won Jong-cheol, President of CUK, gave iPads to the student who won the first prize in the lottery. AirPods, the second prize, and Air-fryers, the third prize, were given to prizewinners.

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