The fair-trade booth of ALLSO and Gyeonggi Dure coop
The fair-trade booth of ALLSO and Gyeonggi Dure coop
  • Lee Chae Eun
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  In the Damat festival, ALLSO and Gyeonggi Dure coop held fair trade booths from September 25 to 26 in front of the front gate of the Catholic University of Korea. In the booths, two groups sold fair trade goods: bananas, coffee, chocolate and so on. Also, they demonstrated benefits of buying and using fair trade goods.

출처=Gyeong-gi Dure coop, Han Meong-yi
출처=Gyeong-gi Dure coop, Han Meong-yi

  Fair trade is ethical trade; It is paying producer’s labor fairly and providing better products to consumers. Almost all of the profits for many things that are exported from developing countries to developed countries are taken by a major company and distributors, and only very small amount of profits are taken by producers in developing countries. To solve this problem, fair trade mainly focuses on agricultural products of exported products.

  In 2017, Bucheon-si launched itself as a fair-trade town for the first time in Korea. Since then many exercises related to fair trade are being proceeded; Three different universities in Bucheon-si promote the fair-trade movement. ALLSO and Gyeonggi Dure coop are also working together to promote fair trade.

  The club ALLSO is a consumer association belonging to consumer & housing major. It researches consumer major and proceeds many projects for enhancing consumer’s welfare. Other than the Damat festival’s booths, ALLSO did some activities in this year: participation in consumer directivity improvement assignment contest, participation in the environment of Seoul work contest, the CUK foundation club 알려주개, the Korea Consumer Agency consumer education supporters the second generation asteroid(소행성). The name ALLSO stands for all about consumer(소비자).


  Park Da-som, president of the club ALLSO, said fair trade products are more various than we thought, and it is a good opportunity to practice better consumer habits. Also, she hopes fair trade becomes better known to many students of the campus during this festival so that students who really know fair trade can proudly contribute to making a better society by purchasing and using fair trade products.

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