CUK “Maker Space” opening event
CUK “Maker Space” opening event
  • Yang Ji Yeong
  • 승인 2019.10.09 16:08
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출처= Yang Ji-yeong
출처= Yang Ji-yeong (International Studies, 19)

  On September 17, an open event of the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) Maker Space was held in Songsim Hall by the University of Catholic Studies. The open event consisted of a tape cutting ceremony in the morning, the president's opening declaration, a description of the Maker Space, and a student experience event in the afternoon.

 The CUK Maker Space was created to reflect the meaning of the maker amid the trends of the fourth industrial revolution and to promote the maker culture and maker movement. Bae Hye-mi, one of the officials who hosted the opening event, said in an interview that our university has more students affiliated with the humanities and society than natural sciences and engineering. For that reason, a lot of students do not know about the culture of makers. However, it is not limited to science and engineering, so every student can freely use 3D printers or the thermoelectric press to make what they want, and an open event was held to introduce these spaces. More and more students want to make something themselves, as evidenced in the DIY (“do it yourself”) movement.

 The experience event of CUK Maker Space started in front of the Central Library and continued to Sungsim Hall, where students collected stamps at each of the experience centers and received some souvenirs. In addition, in front of the Central Library and the student council building, there was also a free coffee and beverage sharing event, highlighting the students' participation.

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