2019 Catholic University of Korea, ARCADE WORLD “Damat Festival”
2019 Catholic University of Korea, ARCADE WORLD “Damat Festival”
  • Yang Ji Yeong
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출처= Yang Ji-yeong
출처= Yang Ji-yeong (International Studies, 19)

 From September 25 to 26, the fall festival Damat Festival was held by the 36th federation of clubs at the Catholic University of Korea's Sungsim campus. This year's Damat Festival consisted of the street performances on the 25th and on the central stage on the 26th.

 The major clubs such as Gahyunhoe, Gigahitz, Tong, F.O.M, Hwarang, Sacred, Band Experiment, and CDZ attended this central stage and had the opportunity to show off their capabilities to all CUK students

 Furthermore, before the start of the central stage, the federation of clubs handed out lottery tickets at the first floor of Sophie Barat Hall (the student center) to promote prizes: the first prize was an iPad, the second prize was an AirPod, and the third prize an Air-fryer.

출처= Yang Ji-yeong
출처= Yang Ji-yeong

 The finale on the central stage was decorated with a performance by the guest singer, Okdal (옥상달빛). The performers cheered and encouraged the university life of many CUK students attending the central stage, singing their signature songs, Keep Running and Good Work, Today.

  Noh Hye-won (School of International Studies 19) who watched the Central Stage said, “This is the first Damat Festival that I have enjoyed since I entered the university. I really enjoyed the performances of clubs and Okdal, which were better than expected performances, and I am looking forward to next year's Damat Festival.”

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