"Damat Festival" booths operate
"Damat Festival" booths operate
  • Lee Seo Yeon
  • 승인 2019.10.09 16:08
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출처= Lee Seo Yeon  (Chinese Language & Chinese Culture, 19)
출처= Lee Seo Yeon (Chinese Language & Chinese Culture, 19)

  From September 25 to 26, “Damat” which is the fall club festival of the Catholic University (CUK) was held. The festival is different from the student council's Aureum festival, which is held in April, as the host is the Association of clubs in CUK, not the Student Council.

 In front of the student center, various clubs and small groups in the school operated booths featuring their distinctive club activities. The environmental department club Nongrak sold a dried flower pot made by one of the members for 1,000 won. One CUK student said it was "pretty" and made reservations in advance to buy it.

 “Green Store” also sold air purifying plants like the Scandinavia, old clothes and fair-trade candy. All the revenues of Green Store will be donated to scholarships. In the service department club booth, members randomly gave coffee coupon to visitors who took pictures of Nongrak, Rotaract and Sarangsalgi Club rooms.

 The CUK mascot club Cat Factory, which belongs to the school's foundation club, produced and sold its own designed goods including eco-bags, memo papers and stickers. Also, Cat Holic, a cat care club also sold cat goods. The Cat Factory president expressed her regret saying “I think the promotion of Damat festival was insufficient. Students do not know why the booths were installed. Therefore, the number of people passing by is very small."

 Some students did not know it was a festival because it is smaller than Aureum festival and there are not many events. Many students need to be actively prepared and interested because the more they participate, the more fun it is.

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