Employment support team held field practice sharing event to benefit CUK students
Employment support team held field practice sharing event to benefit CUK students
  • Yang Ji Yeong, Song Nu Rim
  • 승인 2019.09.23 08:58
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 On September 10, the first Field Practice Sharing Event was held by the Support Center for Start-up University. The event started at 5 p.m. and ended around 7 p.m. Under the slogan “From a question mark, to an exclamation mark,” the event reviewed the results of CUK students who experienced field practice in the first half of the year. For reference, “field practice” is a program in which students can experience work in companies or industries that started an arrangement in 2012 with CUK’s Employment Support Team as part of the LINC project.

 About 80 students, including students who have done field practice, and 20 professors participated in the event. The event was open to those interested in participating in the program, as well as those students who have already done their field practice in the first semester of the 2019 school year or during summer vacation. Cho Eun-bi, an official at the Support Center in Start-up University, said that the meeting was held to encourage students who have been field practices and can promote the program to students who are not yet familiar with the field practice.

 In front of Michael Hall, where the event was held, students could see a poster detailing their performance and information on companies where they had been working. As the event began, there were reports of field practice, a congratulatory message from the president, and announcements by the students’ academic advisors followed. Kang Woo-jin, who worked for the "news 2day” for eight weeks, and found his forgotten dream of being a journalist, said in a presentation, " I seem to have received the most benefits from this field exercise." Also, after the presentation, a meeting with the academic advisors was held over dinner.



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