How about Taking Hocancy This Summer?
How about Taking Hocancy This Summer?
  • Lee Seo Yeon
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 The idea of cost-effectiveness (가성비), which means price and performance, has been part of the  mainstream of consumption culture, and has affected travel patterns. In recent years, the new trend of consumption gasimbi (가심비), which means price and mind-satisfaction in contrast to cost-effectiveness, has emerged. For example, premium desserts and cafes are in the spotlight among people despite the high price. The Seoul National University Research Institute of Human Ecology had prospected gasimbi is a consumption trend in 2018 at “2018 Trend Korea” that is most authoritative book in trend field. This values at psychological stability and satisfaction against price and continuing in 2019. Also, trend experts insist that gasimbi also affects travel patterns in Korea.



 From a few years ago in Korea, people started to prefer close and comfortable travel destinations. As the number of people who think a real vacation is taking a rest increased, many people started to spend their vacation at hotels. This trend has led to the birth of a new word, “Hocancy,” It is a compound word of hotel and vacation and means enjoying a break time in a hotel. It is a type of staycation that does not require people to go far away from home or pack their bags heavily. Also, as the number of people who do not want to suffer aftereffects of travel are increasing, “Hocancy” is emerging as a new way of rest.

 The hotel occupancy rate is also showing an increasing trend along with Hocancy fever. According to digital economy media Chosun Biz, for the first week of July, hotels located in Seoul like Seoulsilla Hotel increased occupancy rates nearly 20%, compared with last year at the same time. A hotel industry official said various events and services including children, utility facility are also the reasons for the increase of accommodation rate in the luxury hotels. According to social commerce Timon, sales of products related to hotel and resort increased 126% from the same period last year (June 14 to July 14), while sales of products related to camping increased only two percent.



 It is the greatest advantage of Hocancy that most subsidiary facilities are located inside hotels and their immediate surrounding, so people can enjoy themselves without moving outside the hotel. Also, people do not need to go far away from their home to a special travel destination. For these reasons, Hocancy takes less time and money than taking long-distance travel, providing pleasure and relaxation. Thus, it is emerging as an alternative for employees who do not have enough time to plan a trip or feel too tired to travel far away for such a short vacation. Especially, Hocancy is popular to the young generation as a concept of spending vacation nearby without going far away.

 A current trend shows that people these days tend to seek convenience and Hocancy exemplifies that trend. Instead of preparing for travel or driving for a long time, now people prefer taking a rest and enjoying their time in a hotel. People can stay in a hotel, enjoy the feeling of being in a different place and experiencing life within a single building. These days, as Hocancy is becoming popular, more various type of Hocancy are being created. Accessibility is also easier as more and more hotel-related apps are available. It may be the best option for tired people or workers who do not have enough time to travel far away to rest themselves.

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