A Message from the Yun Dong-Ju’s Poems with Calligraphy
A Message from the Yun Dong-Ju’s Poems with Calligraphy
  • Jang Ye Rim
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 In today's society that values individuality and creativity, handwriting is not just handwriting, but is a fashion. For example, when CUK students prepare for presentations, they are agonizing over which fonts they have to use because the atmosphere of the presentation could be completely changed depending on the style of writing. Among them, there is a hand-written style that clearly reveals individuality: Calligraphy. Calligraphy means “hand-writing text”. However, it is not the process of writing “original meaning of the word”, but rather "flexible and dynamic lines", and "unique blotting" of the letter itself in the formative sense. In other words, calligraphy that contains individual expressions and coincidences is not as a valued mechanical expression, but a beautiful, distinct style written by hand. 

출처=Jang Ye Rim (English Language Literature,16)
출처=Jang Ye Rim (English Language Literature,16)

 This exhibition is made with a poem by Yoon Dong-ju, a Korean poet who struggled with the pain of our country. Moreover, it is very meaningful in that this year is the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement and the establishment of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. The exhibition, which combines Yoon Dong-joo's representative poet "A Night of Counting Stars" and "Surcy" as calligraphy, made the beautiful poems of poet Yoon Dong-joo shine even more. Calligraphy writer Oh Min-joon said he was sorry for not being able to express Yun dong Ju’s masterly poems because of his lack of knowledge and sensitivity. However, he romised to do the following, confident that indirect experience will have a big impact on the future world of work.

출처=Jang Ye Rim (English Language Literature,16)

 As he is interested in the process of font creation and transformation, he has received all of his dissertations from ancient golden literature and is said to have excellent composition and expressions of fonts. He also has a number of experiences in performing stage-imaging works such as the musical play "A Night of Counting Stars” written by Yoon Dong-ju. Even now, he is still writing columns in “Tipography Seoul” and “Eunpyeong Citizens' Newspaper” to improve the quality of calligraphy. He told the story of his life as a calligraphy writer in his book ‘Return to calligraphy’ once before. 

 He suggests the fundamental principles of writing and expressing writing, saying that ordinary people can also become calligraphy writers. It provides various examples of theories and how they transform into modern aesthetics. In his diverse piece of work, he gives a diverse explanation of how to utilize the tools and materials of calligraphy, how to work with commercial and digital calligraphy and so on. Also, it says the work process of engraving, the work process of art calligraphy, and the various practical use methods of Calligraphy. Oh Min-joon is a Calligraphy writer who ultimately explains how to put a life on writing impressively.

출처=Jang Ye Rim (English Language Literature,16)

 Meanwhile, the Gyeongui Line Book Street is a special project space for books esteemed by the District of Mapo-gu. It is an integrated cultural complex for living, breaking down with the historical spaces of Hongda and the Gyeongui Line. Gyeongui Line Book Street, which was completed in October 2016, hopes to start a Greater appreciation of books above views and share knowledge and loss for a healer life, and others application-Mapo. Also, “Gyeongui Line Book street” is located in Gyeongui Line Forest Road, which is a long walk along the Gyeongui Line's abandoned railroad line. This place is loved by many people as it was built to rest slowly in the fast-paced Hongdae city. At the Gyeongui Line book street hold diverse events such as gallery. Therefore, if you are exhausted with complex downtown world, how about take a break with your precious person or yourself, walking this street? Anyone who visits this place would get comfortable for a moment, getting out of busy, manic downtown lifestyle. 



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